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Good applying eyeliner techniques

Double eyelid problem It’s something that girls Many people encounter this when applying makeup. Because makeup is more difficult than people with normal double eyelids Especially in the process of applying eyeliner there is difficulty because when you open your eyes you cannot see the

What is Self-hatred disease?

Self-hatred refers to the feeling of not liking oneself, hating oneself, thinking oneself is not good enough. This is not a disease or mental disorder. This makes it difficult to screen or diagnose. You must rely on yourself to tell us how you feel about yourself

‘Jose Mourinho’ teases the owner of the Wolves

Jose Mourinho says his sacking as Roma manager was unexpected and unfair. By a club owner who has little knowledge of football The Portuguese manager was fired from his position by Roma last month after a disappointing performance this season. Even though he once led

‘Barella’ Seyes signs new contract until 2029

A report from states that Nicolo Barella has reached an agreement to extend his contract with Inter Milan until 2029 In the final week of last summer’s transfer window, Manchester City received Contacted Inter for information on Barella following interest in signing him. However,

Arsenal have increased chances of signing Subi Mendi.

Arsenal have increased hopes of signing Real Sociedad midfielder Martin Subimendi after Barcelona have no plans to spend a lot of money. Daily Express, a British media outlet reports that. Arsenal are still interested in Subimendi and are likely to sign him more in 2024.

Everton give Ben Godfrey the green light to sell mid-season.

Everton gives green light to sell reserve defender Ben Godfrey. If a satisfactory offer is received during the January trading football market. Football Insider reports that Everton are considering various possibilities. In the trading market this January. Especially the center backs in the agency who are receiving interest