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Good applying eyeliner techniques

Double eyelid problem It’s something that girls Many people encounter this when applying makeup. Because makeup is more difficult than people with normal double eyelids Especially in the process of applying eyeliner there is difficulty because when you open your eyes you cannot see the

What is Self-hatred disease?

Self-hatred refers to the feeling of not liking oneself, hating oneself, thinking oneself is not good enough. This is not a disease or mental disorder. This makes it difficult to screen or diagnose. You must rely on yourself to tell us how you feel about yourself

Adjust behaviors to cure GERD.

Incidence of GERD abroad Especially in western countries, it’s quite high. Average about 50-60 percent in Thailand. It was found that working-age. Treatment and prevention of GERD is the most important. “Change lifestyle behaviors” by… – If possible, try to lose weight. in case of overweight due to overweight will increase the

Sugar the sweetness that is essential to the body?

Although sugar is essential to the body. Because it helps to provide good energy in both emergency situations. And to store energy reserves for use in times of need. But not all sugars are healthy. fructose derived from fruit and lactose found in fresh milk can also choose to eat safely under

How to eat eggs to get the most benefit?

Eggs are often associated with breakfast and provide the body with protein one large egg. There are 13 essential vitamins and minerals and a total of 70 calories of high-quality protein. Plus, nutritional research suggests that “eggs” play a role in weight management. muscle strength quality pregnancy brain function. Eye health


Hemorrhoids are swelling of the blood vessels in the anus. And often cause problems with the digestive system. Many people suffer from the pain, bleeding, and severe itching caused by this disease. Especially when excreting. But fortunately this disease can be alleviated by choosing the right diet. This article will let