Petit Cheng ‘Ronaldo’ the pollutant, the ego does not accept the truth

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Former France midfielder Emmanuel Petit has criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for polluting Manchester United and being unacceptable because of his huge ego.

last wednesday During the game against Tottenham, the 37-year-old was criticized for refusing to play. And left the field before the teammates finished

the next day, “Red Devils” issued a statement punishing Ronaldo by cutting his name from the team in the game against Chelsea

after Ronaldo posted Message on IG admits that he did it because of a sudden temper And confirm that the club has always been respected,

Petit commented on this matter. “He’s bored everyone, the supporters, his teammates… They don’t want him in the dressing room anymore. He’s polluting everyone too much.” The UFABET report

“He had a very special career. When he stops playing, we will say this unanimously. But his behavior is self-centered.”

“His message yesterday on social media. You know you don’t like what’s going on at the club. But you can no longer stand in the way of your coach Ten Hag. You don’t feel respected for what you’ve done. But your status is no more!”

“You can never be the same player. You fall and you suffer being demoted. But you don’t accept it because your ego is enormous, tell the truth! Can’t protect it.”