‘Pep Guardiola’ faces Brighton 1 in the toughest game lately

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola admits facing Brighton is one of the toughest games he has faced in recent times as

Manchester City come back from defeat. Against Liverpool with a win over Brighton, Erling Haaland later took the lead before adding more from the penalty spot.

That was the 600th Premier League goal under Guardiola, showing their strength since taking over in 2016

, but the game hasn’t been easy thanks to Leandro Trossard. An egg-breaking goal for Brighton and they had a chance to lay an equalizer before Kevin De Bruyne’s shot from far helped the Premier League champions relieved with three full points in their hands.

The Talan coach knows that “The Blues” needed to work hard against Brighton, a club he admired as a great team.

“They decided to play this game one-on-one and we were lucky to get the third goal,” Guardiola said

. It’s three points after the defeat at Anfield

. They are a very good team. UFABET report

“In that moment you have to be flexible and know it’s going to be a tough game until the end. Kevin scored a great goal but we had to fight to the end to avoid a draw or a defeat. But sometimes it is important to understand the games we have to play.”