‘Jose Mourinho’ teases the owner of the Wolves

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Jose Mourinho says his sacking as Roma manager was unexpected and unfair. By a club owner who has little knowledge of football

The Portuguese manager was fired from his position by Roma last month after a disappointing performance this season. Even though he once led the team to win the Europa League Conference League and qualified for the Europa League last year. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.app

Many football fans were disappointed with Mourinho’s firing, even though the team’s form was inconsistent. And he said that he was criticized in an unfair way.

Speaking about this season’s European knockout games, Mourinho said: “European football is about to start. Especially the Champions League It’s probably the most important race on the calendar. “

I won’t be involved in the final round of these races. It’s not because I was eliminated. But it was because I was eliminated by someone who knew very little about football.”

“That’s life. Full of ups and downs I continued to thrive despite unexpected and unfair layoffs. But I will come back with more enthusiasm and confidence. For the UEFA game.”

When asked what advice he would give to teams chasing the continental championship, Mourinho said: “I have coached many teams and reached many finals. Those are really special games. For both the coaches, the fans and for the players as well.” “

So I have enough experience and knowledge to move forward. Even if we meet an opponent who has more potential than us ′′ ′

′ When I get to this point, I always remember in my mind that the first game you want to play to win. In the second leg you will know what you need to advance to the next round. With a goal, with a draw or even with a loss by one or two goals and you deal with the knockout stages based on what you’ve seen.”

Mourinho managed 138 games as Roma’s manager and won. Went in 68 matches, including leading the team to win the Europa League. Conference League

He has recently been linked with the Saudi League. Arabia, including the position of manager of Bayern Munich after Thomas Tuchel’s future is uncertain.