Hansi Flick is under heavy pressure.

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Hansi Flick the coach of the German national football team The future began to shake even more. After a warm-up game that lost at home to Japan 1-4.

Germany as host of Euro 2024 in the middle of next year. Played a warm-up last Saturday at Wolfsburg’s Volkswagen Arena, losing to Japan a nation from Asia, devastated 1-4. Losing 4 out of the last 5 games, which were all warm-up games UFABET

Flick as coach of the German national team have to bear the pressure Since being eliminated in the first round of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the end of last year In the first group stage game. The Iron Eagles lost 1-2 to Japan, causing them to have to return home embarrassingly early.

After the big tournament ended, Germany prepared to host Euro 2024 by playing 6 warm-up games, with only a 2-0 victory over Peru from the first game. Other than that, the next 5 games lost to Belgium 2-3. Cologne. Tied with Ukraine 3-3 at Bremen, lost to Poland 0-1 at Warsaw, lost to Colombia 0-2 at Gelsenkirchen and lost to Japan 1-4 at Wolfsburg. Warwick

With this situation, Flick is under increasing pressure. Even though Germany national team director Rudy Voller Avoided answering questions about the future of the former Bayern Munich coach.

As for Hansi Flick, he took over as manager of the German national team after Euro 2020 in mid-2021, replacing Joachim Löw, by signing a three-year contract until the end of Euro 2024. But the current situation may not last until that time. If the results of the competition are still bad. The next game the Iron Eagles will have a tough warm-up match with France at Dortmund this Tuesday.