‘Guimares’ made the wrong choice to move to Newcastle

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Bruno Guimares says he made the wrong decision to join Newcastle United after his life was full of happiness and aims to become a legend at the club.

The Brazilian midfielder joined Newcastle in January and has become a key player for Eddie Howe until now, leading

Newcastle to sixth in the relegation zone. When Guimares joined the club but the 24-year-old had been a key player in helping the club climb through the relegation and continue its excellent form this season,

Guimares admits his decision to move Come to play in England is not an easy decision. But it was something that he considered the right choice.

“I think it was one of the hardest decisions in my life. You have to move countries, move leagues and in the year of the World Cup,” Guimares told UFABET .

“It was a very difficult decision. But I think it’s the right decision. I’m very happy. It’s an amazing step. Now I feel like a Jordy.”

“I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League. But to be honest, I never thought it would be this good. I am proud of what I have done, proud of myself and proud of the club. But it was a difficult decision

. to help him adjust to life at the Premier

League Sometimes I’m thinking to myself, ‘Damn it, what are you doing with your life?’ Wait, that’s all I was joking

. I think Eddie made the best decision.”

“It’s good to adjust to the club, the Premier League, and get to know my team-mates. And then after that, as soon as I get on the pitch, it feels like a dream.

” Tackling and being fouled are at the top of the league. Until being compared to former top midfielders such as Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira

, “Of course, it’s always nice to hear something like that. It’s one of the other motivations. But this is just the first season I played for Newcastle fully, the road is still a long way to go. I love playing for the team, I love the connection I have with the fans and I want to be a legend for the team.”