‘Gomez’ to return the body of the fuzzy, causing the swans to collapse.

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Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler kicked out defender Joe Gomez as the cause of the team’s 1-0 defeat at Nottingham Forest last night

. Early in the second half, but Gomez pushed the ball so carelessly that Taiwo Awoniyi came in to compete before fouling. Until leading to a free kick that the team lost the goal

When asked Did the 25-year-old centre-back’s mistake cause the team to lose? Fowler replied: “Exactly, it’s like that.”

Liverpool also had 15 efforts, but just seven were on target, and they were made to pay for their wastefulness. The UFABET report

Meanwhile, at the back, Gomez flattered to deceive in a display which saw him make several mistakes.

Despite having plenty of space just inside the Forest half, Gomez was caught on the ball by Taiwo Awoniyi.

The 25-year-old cynically hauled the Forest forward down to give away a free-kick.

From the set-piece, the hosts got the ball to Steve Cook, who crossed for Awoniyi to open the scoring at the second attempt.

“He’s got a lot of time. He had 10 yards of space and then suddenly had to fight.”

“He lost a free-kick. he got a yellow card “

Premier League players should be able to figure out where they have to pass the ball. (in that position)”