Tips to remove oil from the nose area reduce and way to get rid of blackheads

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Pretty sure everyone knows what blackheads look like. Because most people face the same problem. But the amount is different. Some people just get annoy when they rub their nose and their fingers feel rough. People are disgust because they see small black dots on almost the entire face. Some people don’t like it because having blackheads makes makeup difficult. And some people hate it. Because when it falls out It will make large pores appear ugly.

Tips to remove oil from the nose area and reduce blackheads

Blotting paper: UFABET recommend It’s the easiest and fastest way to remove oil from the nose area. Can be purchased at beauty care stores and convenience stores. But you shouldn’t blot it until your face is too dry.

Remove oil with a gentle cleanser: Wash your face with cleanser every day. morning and before bed It will help reduce oil on the face and nose very well.

Apply sunscreen: Apply sunscreen all over your face and neck. In addition to helping protect the skin when exposed to sunlight. It also helps keep your face from getting oily easily.

Use a cleanser with an exfoliating scrub: To help scrub away dead skin cells. And scrubbing the skin around the nose will help prevent pores from making your face oily. But you should scrub no more than 1-2 times a week because if you scrub too much, The skin may be damaged.

Face mask: Facial masking will help reduce the problem of oily skin. and makes the nose less oily as well.

An effective way to get rid of blackheads

  • Clean your skin regularly. You should choose a cleanser that cleanses the skin with Oil-Free formula and one that does not clog pores. To help remove oil and dead skin cells on the face regularly. It will help prevent blockage in the pores and reduce the risk of blackheads.
  • Use a pimple extractor to help. Can easily press blackheads to come off. without touching the skin with your nails And you should avoid squeezing and squeezing blackheads because it may cause wound infection and scarring.
  • Salicylic acid helps cleanse the skin. and clean dead cells to peel off It will help reduce clogged pores.