Good applying eyeliner techniques

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Double eyelid problem It’s something that girls Many people encounter this when applying makeup. Because makeup is more difficult than people with normal double eyelids Especially in the process of applying eyeliner there is difficulty because when you open your eyes you cannot see the lines that are drawn. But when I closed my eyes I couldn’t see anymore. Makes drawing eyeliner not easy at all for people with droopy eyes. This has caused many people to look for ways to apply eyeliner with drooping eyes. When increasing confidence in the eyelids.

In addition to techniques for drawing different types of eyeliner. Then there are basic techniques that can be used to apply eyeliner every time. Especially when applying single eyelid eyeliner. Apply double eyelid eyeliner in places that are often difficult to draw, but if you try to follow this good eyeliner technique, Promotion ufabet Guaranteed to have beautiful eyelids and be confident in the look you want. It is natural and increases confidence in life as well.

Choose a quick-drying eyeliner.

         For beginners, many people have trouble applying single eyelid eyeliner and applying droopy eyeliner. Because when you apply the eyeliner, it hasn’t dried yet. When you blink, the eyeliner is all over your eyelid. It takes time to edit and have to put on new makeup. Therefore, for simplicity and convenience Apply eyeliner so it doesn’t smudge. You should choose an eyeliner that dries quickly. 

Choose eyeliner to match your eye color.

         Choosing eyeliner to match our eye color It will help your eyes look beautiful. It has more natural dimensions. Especially the double eyelid eyeliner. Including normal single eyelids and double eyelids. Doesn’t look fake or makes the face look too fierce. Noticed by using black eyeliner. but brown eyes It may make the face look more fierce.

Apply eyeshadow primer before applying eye makeup.

         Many people often face the problem of applying eyeliner and hiding their double eyelids. Applying single eyelid eyeliner doesn’t last long and comes off easily. After half a day, the eyeliner lines gradually fall off, causing the lines to be drawn unevenly. It is recommended to use items that help eyeshadow last longer, namely using an eyeshadow primer before applying eye makeup and applying eyeliner. 

Once you understand the secrets of applying eyeliner Don’t forget that it’s important to wipe your eyeliner thoroughly without leaving any residue. Long-lasting eyeliner is often difficult to remove because some formulas are developed to be durable on oily skin or especially oily eyelid areas.

Wiping off eye makeup You should purchase a makeup remover product specifically for the eye area, such as eye remover, in order to thoroughly clean the skin. But still maintain gentleness because the skin around the eyes and eyelids is especially gentle. It’s best to use a gentle remover, especially for contact lens wearers. To prevent irritation