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Buy IG Followers

The Digital Marketing sector grows every day and should not suffer from the crisis, especially because social networks guarantee good return and low investment. “Be at cost or for the audience, always going to be worth it,” says Camila port, Internet Marketing expert and author of the book Facebook Marketing. “Not even who’s on top of the crisis can ignore … guess who is small and has little marketing budget”.

Knowing this, the specialist shows the main trends for 2016 and suggests the best social networks that should gain more attention. The largest social network in the world already offers new tools and content publishing. “Facebook should have more resources for advertisers, with increasing openness to and display network partner sites,” says Camila, referring to ads that are based on the taste of the user. “This type of campaign will allow ads on Facebook partner sites, expanding the reach and doing something similar to what Google already does,” he says.

Another big change pointed to by Camila is opening the Facebook Mentions, live view tool that was previously limited to a few pages. “The new live video capabilities will be a great challenge for Youtube and must fall much Persicope”, referring to the Google video site and the Twitter tool.

When referring to other social networks, the expert evidence which tools should gain attention: “the Instagram must grow much this year, and has to be definitely WhatsApp in the strategies of companies”. According to her, it is necessary to use these networks as a tool for interaction with the public. “The Instagram already has ad options that work very well in smartphones, and WhatsApp can be a great tool for SAC”, exemplifies.

Finally, Camila points out that every new trend should be used as a way to seek to differentiate the content publishing, and remember the possibility to publish, for example the dynamic GIF images. “How does not have audio, not always worth replacing videos for these images, but to send a quick message, GIF can bring interesting results”.

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With the Snapchat, the Instagram is the social network of the time for brands. After passing the Twitter in number of users and gain new ad formats, such as carousel, the platform has been the bet for the loyalty of the relationship with the client.

For being a social network focused on images, the strategies of brands are often geared to the question visual and end up forgetting another resource that can make a difference in a post: the subtitles.

Come to think of it, the Social Media site Today, listed four points that can help brands create more engagement through subtitles. When done correctly, questions tend to increase user engagement with the post. The stay was based on a study which concluded that Facebook messages with questions have higher engagement rates than those with affirmative statements.

The Instagram seeks to be a pleasurable social networking, so much as the platform has improved their access to hyperlinks, try not to tire his followers with posts full of them.

According to Kickstagram, Instagram marketing service, success is not to overload users with links. Instead, try inserting the link in your bio and invite followers through the subtitles to access it.